Monthly Archives: August 2010

Time For A Break

I’m posting this older image because I’m coming to appreciate it more and more. With watercolour, the first wash is the best opportunity to get luminance and freshness into a painting. I enjoy the fresh feeling that I get from this image.
I’m also using this image to give me a chance to pause. I will be away from any computer for a few weeks.
Until I get back
may the force be with you.

Dealing With Darks

What I enjoyed about this studio version of a plein air sketch of the Vermillion Lakes at Banff is the richness and variety of values and colours in the dark shape of the distant trees. There was a freedom in the application of paint in this area. I also enjoy the sense of light entering from the right especially in the grassy area between the water and the darker green trees. The darks in a painting really make the lights stand out. Paintings start to find their voice when there is a full range of values.

Converging On Banff

This is the studio version of the previous plein air study. It’s tidier than the plein air study but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Having said that I feel that it works very well both compositionally and in terms of the colour. As a friend said, “(It) is nice and fresh.”