Monthly Archives: December 2010

Lake Of The Woods Plein Air

The view just a few metres away from Orihel’s cabin. This painting was done as a live demo. I was inspired by a technique that I picked up at Stephen Quiller’s workshop. The 5 green trees in the front row were completely lifted out from the painted background. I’m always impressed by how clean the colour can be even though the background was originally a dark wash. It’s necessary to lift out while the background paint is still very wet. Quite a sloppy technique but I like the feel especially the reflections in the water.

19″ X 14″
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Orihel’s Place

This is a painting from my Lake of the Woods Series. We spend a couple of weeks a year at our cabin there. This plein air painting was done on the first day after all the crowds of people had left. It was painted from the Orihel’s dock and half way through the rain came which had quite an effect on the painting.

17″ X 14″
Collection of A. Fogg