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Holidays Are Great But It’s Nice To Be Home

I had a great vacation at our cottage on Lake Of The Woods.  As well as spending some pleasant time with family it’s always nice to have an opportunity to just devote myself to painting.  In the last couple of years I’ve gone out everyday and done plein air painting.  This year I just never felt called to do that.  Instead I went out and found scenes that caught my attention but this year I began with these small format 18 X 24 thumbnails.  After drawing and shading the thumbnail I added a little colour.  So in total I spent maybe 20 minutes on each and by doing them I was able to do paintings that were much more consistent than my pure plein air paintings.  I find it completely helpful to go through this process of doing a thumbnail before doing the full painting.  Guaranteed that if it doesn’t work as a thumbnail it isn’t going work as a full painting.

In this post I’m showing 3 examples of thumbnails that I did and 2 paintings that came from the thumbnails.

I have talked quite a bit to other artists about the practice of doing thumbnails and many artists swear by them.  Some other artists believe it’s good to do thumbnails but don’t actually use them very much.  A few artists I know have other methods of  creating paintings.  For me I just notice that when I do use them they always help.

On another note painting Summer Morning was a real ‘in the zone’ experience.  I felt quite liberated when I was painting the tree shape at the top.  I love what’s happening up there.

Summer Morning At The Lake
9 X 12

9 X 12

Both these paintings are for sale $100 each. (Matted)
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