Monthly Archives: September 2011

Watercolour Demo

This is the painting I did as a demo in my Friday night watercolour class.  After the class I took about an extra 5 minutes to add some detail and I felt that after that it started to  come to life.  The focus of the class was using a triadic colour scheme.  I chose ultra blue as my dominant colour, quin rose as my secondary colour and a little bit of cad yellow light.  I like sense of depth in the back ground.  I also love that blast of quin rose at the bottom of the tree.  That alone justifies it as the secondary colour.  I find that I enjoy that this background is less frantic than the one from the same scene in the previous post.

Triads – Weaselhead in Red

I have just started a new watercolour class.  I love giving classes for many reasons including the fact that it encourages (forces) me to review the basics of watercolour painting.  Watercolour painting is often thought to be quite difficult.  I don’t find it that way but like any medium there are a lot of lessons that we need to internalize before we are really able to express ourselves in it.  One lesson that is in common to all mediums is colour theory or mixing your colours.  This painting is a beginning exercise but it encompasses many very important lessons such as wet in wet, colour perspective, brushwork,value and colour theory.  It was painted using a triadic colour scheme which means using one of each primary.  In this case the only three colours in the painting are cad red light, naples yellow and thalo blue.  The dominant colour is cad red light.  Besides being very quick to do I love the colour harmony that always comes with using a triadic scheme.  It’s a very good idea to repeat this exercise at least 3 times each time using a different triad and a different dominant colour.  This kind of practice is a formidable kick start to mastering your colour.

If you would like to be informed about all my art classes please contact me.

Playing With Colour

This is a bit of a different approach to a truck.  It’s using the truck shape as an excuse to plaster some colour on.  It’s an idea that I think could lead to something.  I like the granulation of the pigment.  I’m not sure if it would benefit from some darks to start to bring out some detail or whether it’s better to just go with the colour and not worry too much about realism.

A Valuable Lesson

This is one of the images that I did from my summer vacation at Lake Of The Woods.  It was a lot of fun going out in the boat and getting the image and then painting it.  This one was a fairly good painting.  As I’ve looked at it over the last few weeks I came to see that it needed to have the values and colour punched up.  So I did that today and it’s a significantly better image I feel.  This once again reinforces for me the need to do a painting and then live with it to see if it’s done of if it needs something more.  Sometimes just a little bolder stroke or value or colour can change it significantly as has happened here.

Ramblin’ Boy

Named for the Tom Paxton folk song, this fellow seems to be out for a bit of a ramble.  This is the first attempt to create a background to enhance the subject and I feel that it has a certain rhythm to it.  What I think turns this into a successful composition is the angle of the foreground.  There’s an organic flow to the shapes.  I also like the limited palette.  There’s cad yellow med, thalo blue and the rest is various reds with a touch of orange.

More Dynamic Figures

I’m finding it exciting to draw figures using this new approach of working from the anatomy.  Each year when I’ve taught my Basic Drawing Skills class we’ve done one full-figure drawing using the same method that works so well with portraits and it just never worked the way I hoped.  Now it’s possible not only to draw more accurate bodies but also to draw them in motion and with expression.  The figure is such a satisfying subject that when it is done expressively it’s a very pleasant experience.

Just a reminder that the new Dynamic Figure Drawing class starts in just over 2 weeks.  Contact me if you’d like to register or would like more information.

Trucks Again

This truck was actually up on a trailer with it’s rear wheels on blocks so they were much higher than the front wheels so I had to imagine what it would look like on level ground.  I’m pleased with the way the drawing turned out.  I like the look of this truck.  As mentioned in the last post it’s time to take some of these trucks and to put them in a complete composition.