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My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe

I found myself at My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe a few days ago and decided to do some sketching.  I really liked the sketch and thought the composition made the most of the elements available.  When I painted it I went way too dark way to early in the painting process which, unfortunately, is something I do frequently.

What I did was to start adding some lighter touches using gouache.  I liked the result and began to think that maybe it’s OK.

The problem is that my wife totally disagrees.  She thinks it’s way too dark still.  She’s adamant about it and I keep thinking that it’s not so bad.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Turner Valley Watercolour Workshop, March 3, 2012











I just gave a workshop at the Sheep Creek Arts Council in Turner Valley on Saturday.  It was a wonderful day with a lot of really nice people.  If you go to the student blog you can see some of the paintings done by the participants.  The video of the painting  that I did for the workshop is available at this link.

I always find it interesting how much is going on in the smaller towns.  When we just drive through places like Turner Valley we miss so much.  There are a lot of people involved in art in the area.

I just received this comment about the workshop.

Hi Rex,
You are a SUPER teacher.  I felt very comfortable in your class and I obtained a wealth of knowledge.  Thank you so much.
It is reactions like this that make teaching so rewarding.