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Basic Drawing Skills – Full Frontal Portrait

rex beanland, full frontal portraitThese drawings that I do for my Basic Drawing Skills class are kind of a specialized branch of my art and I am now putting all things that are intended to supplement my classes in my new Teaching Blog.  This is the last time that I will list them in this more general Art Blog as well as the Teaching Blog.

Also I have just up loaded a video to the Teaching Blog that details the entire process for shading this portrait.  If you are interested check it out.

Full Frontal Portrait

rex beanland, full frontal portraitThis portrait has a lot of very interesting features in terms of a learning experience.  There is a very subtle overall shading pattern.  Also to accurately recreate her hair as it goes from very dark to gradually showing more light and detail is a real challenge.

In the previous post is a video clip detailing the complete shading process for this portrait.  It doesn’t show the drawing but just the shading which is a very similar process to painting a portrait.  Starting with an underpainting and slowly building up the darker values.

Plein Air – Here’s Looking At You

Here's Looking At You – Currie Barracks, Rex BeanlandI worked hard not to title this post Plein Air Currie Barracks.  I felt that I had to create a title that  would attract people’s attention more because in reality it is  another in the  never ending series based on the Currie Barracks.  I’ve never found as much inspiration as I have at this location . . . and it’s only minutes away.

Anyway, I did a previous plein air version of this painting which included the entire side of the building. This time I wanted to zero in on the real story which was this small room and the connecting shadows.  Emphasizing this part gives it more of a narrative and human element.  The first version just recorded the scene.

I love that the 2 little windows right at the front seem to be eyes looking out.

I also like the big tree on the left which adds a nice element of depth to the painting especially with the bits of white gouache over the darker watercolour washes.

Here’s Looking At You
watercolour & white gouache
9 X 12