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Art In The Garden














The 4th Annual Art In The Garden show will be held Saturday & Sunday, Aug 11 – 12.

I will have a number of new paintings from my Buildings, People & Vehicles series.  I’m really excited about showing these works.  I hope to see you there.  It’s a very pleasant way to spend some time, great art, great garden and a chance to talk to all the artists.

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Charing Cross Version 2

Rex Beanland, Charing Cross, watercolour, 18 X 24











As happens so often with me, my first version of Charing Cross went a little too dark.  I redid it trying to keep it a little lighter.  I think I have more or less succeeded.  I’m definitely happier with the composition.  The lower horizon line suits the subject better.  I’ve also tightened up the perspective.

The first version can be seen here.

Charing Cross Version 2
18 X 24

Acrylic Studies

Rex Beanland, Ponderin', acrylic, 9 X 12










I’ve been painting strictly in watercolour for the last 2 years.  I’m offering an acrylic workshop in Turner Valley in October so I’ve started to dabble in acrylic again.  I want to incorporate the things I’ve learned about painting from my watercolour experiences and transfer them to acrylic.  I’ve painted in acrylic in the past but I have never been as comfortable with it as I have with watercolour.  The one thing that I  am certain of however, is that I don’t want to do acrylic in a watercolour manner.  For me it just becomes confusing when I try to do with acrylic what I do with watercolour.  Acrylic just doesn’t flow and mix on the paper the way watercolour does so I plan to avoid that entire issue by painting in an opaque manner.  Full bodied paint.

I hope to keep some of the same subject matter (buildings, people and vehicles) and also to continue to paint with looser, more spontaneous brushwork but opaquely.

This is a quick little study that I did yesterday.  I liked the impressionistic handling of the face.

Early Figure Sketches

Rex Beanland, Crossed Legs, pencil

Crossed Legs








Rex Beanland, Kids Watching A Video, Pen

Kids Watching A Video












It always interests me how the same themes seem to keep popping up in my art over the span of years.  The quick little sketches of the kids watching a video and the one of the crossed legs are both over 12 years old.  This interest in figures has always been an important part of the plein air art that I’ve done but in my studio paintings I’ve always ignored figures and  almost always done pure  landscapes.  I’m not sure why that happened.

Anyway I now feel that I’ve come out of the closet which means I’m doing less of the landscapes and more of the  people, buildings and vehicles.  Not surprisingly I feel that I’m finally starting to find my voice and as a result I’m feeling a new joy in my painting.

Seashore & Seagulls

Rex Beanland, Seashore & Seagulls, watercolour, 30" X 12"


This is from our trip to the Oregon coast.  It has been put away for a couple of years but my wife just found it and really likes it so I’m putting it out there to give it some new life.

Seashore & Seagulls
30 X 12