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Dairy Lane

Rex Beanland, Destination 19th, watercolour, 16 x 12








I’m actually on holiday at our cabin on Lake of the Woods at this moment.  I did this painting just before we left.


It’s a colour study based on one of the plein air paintings I did some days ago.  This scene is based on one of the very popular cafes along 19th St, in the Kensington area.  What I find so interesting in this painting as opposed to the plein air sketch is the effect on the painting of extending and darkening the building on the left edge.  I think it all of a sudden implies more of a story.  It also strengthens the figure in the alley on the left.

What I will change in the final painting is the perspective.  I want the tops of the buildings to be at a bit of a steeper angle.  What I like in this image are the value contrasts and the Chinese white highlights on the figures.

Dairy Lane