7th Ave

Rex Beanland, 7th Ave, watercolour, 16 X 12







My reference for this photo was a small plein air sketch I did about 3 years ago on 7th Ave.  I’ve always liked the sketch but I was never sure how to paint it.  I revisited the sketch last week and I started to think that I would like to try to paint it now.

This is the first colour study.  I think there are some strengths like the power lines, the figures and the composition.  There are a couple of things that I would like to change for the final version.  Specifically,  I would like to decrease the value of the distant buildings.  I think they are a little too strong.  Also, I would like to change the proportion of the various buildings.  I want the first building to extend nearly to the middle of the paper.

Interestingly, over the last few months I have found that I’ve lost interest in doing pure landscapes.  A painting has to have people or man made structures in it to catch my attention. I still love other peoples’ landscapes but I’m just not into doing them at the moment.   I also enjoy painting buildings and vehicles more than I do mountains.

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