A Demonstration For The Toronto Watercolour Society

As part of my trip to Toronto for a workshop  I was also asked to do a demo for the first meeting of the year for the Toronto Watercolour Society.  This was a real honour for me and it was also the largest group that I have ever demoed for.  It made me feel very special to be miked up and to have my demo projected onto a large screen behind me.  

Rex Beanland, TWS Demo - Rex & the crowd Rex Beanland, TWS Demo - Rex focus Rex Beanland, TWS Demo - Rex and the crowd





























I had plans to finish the demo during the hour and a half I had available but I only got half of it done.  When I got home I completed the painting and videotaped the process.  I’m posting that here so that any who are interested can see my process through to completion.

First, here is the painting as it was at the  end of the demo.

Rex Beanland, Chargin' Phase 1, watercolour, 21 x 14













Here is the video of how I finished the painting.





And here is the final version.

Rex Beanland, TWS Demo - Chargin'









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    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Sharon: What a lovely comment. It’s interesting the idea of giving things away. I have benefitted so much from stuff that other artists have shared with me and I feel it’s only right to share what I know. I always believe that what goes around comes around. Thanks again for your warm words. Rex


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