A Special Room At The Leighton Centre

This is my wife and my favourite room at the Leighton Centre.  To me it’s a room that seems to be an extension of the outside.  It has a very hand made feel with lots of imperfections but lots of personality.

I was very motivated by one of the photos to try and paint it.  It’s a very complicated and busy subject and I wanted to try to simplify it and suggest much more detail than I actually painted.

I was very motivated by the above painting “Frondulation” which was completely inspired by a visit to the Conservatory at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg ten years ago.  For me it was a truly inspired painting and I’ve always loved it.  It was an impressionistic collage of the various shapes I sketched there.  I was trying for the same effect in this new painting.

I’m not always good at critiquing my own work but I would say about this new image that it is a very good attempt and it is an accurate summation of the way I used to work . . . but not the direction I want to go.  I’m posting it because it’s a good lesson that we don’t always get what we want.

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