Acrylic Studies

Rex Beanland, Ponderin', acrylic, 9 X 12










I’ve been painting strictly in watercolour for the last 2 years.  I’m offering an acrylic workshop in Turner Valley in October so I’ve started to dabble in acrylic again.  I want to incorporate the things I’ve learned about painting from my watercolour experiences and transfer them to acrylic.  I’ve painted in acrylic in the past but I have never been as comfortable with it as I have with watercolour.  The one thing that I  am certain of however, is that I don’t want to do acrylic in a watercolour manner.  For me it just becomes confusing when I try to do with acrylic what I do with watercolour.  Acrylic just doesn’t flow and mix on the paper the way watercolour does so I plan to avoid that entire issue by painting in an opaque manner.  Full bodied paint.

I hope to keep some of the same subject matter (buildings, people and vehicles) and also to continue to paint with looser, more spontaneous brushwork but opaquely.

This is a quick little study that I did yesterday.  I liked the impressionistic handling of the face.

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