An Experimental Bouquet

I’m reading a book on experimental techniques in watercolour by Nita Engle.  I’m finding her approach fascinating.  She uses some techniques that are more commonly seen in a mixed medium approach but she primarily uses the water in ways that take her work to another level.  Her approach to a painting begins with about half an hour in which she is just playing with the water, throwing paint, spraying it out etc.  Then she lets it dry and very carefully completes the painting in a more traditional way, integrating this wild beginning into her vision.   I’ve just discovered her book, ‘How To Make A Watercolor Paint Itself: Experimental Techniques For Achieving Realistic Effects’ at the right time because I also want to take my watercolour painting in a more spontaneous direction.  I’m practicing some of her techniques.  This image just began as yellow and red wash that had quite and interesting abstract pattern.  I lived with this for a few days and began to see some leaves in it.  I took a couple more days to further develop this  concept.   I wanted it to be very light and colourful but it was made more colourful by adding the thalo turquoise background in a negative painting manner.  I’ve submitted this image for the Clothesline Sale at the Leighton Centre next Sunday.


11″ X 4 “

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