An Experimental Approach To Realistic Landscape

I have spent quite a lot of time lately studying and practicing experimental watercolour techniques.  In particular I’ve looked at the style of Nita Engle who is a stunning watercolourist.  She lives near one of the Great Lakes on the American side and her subjects are very similar to the landscape around Kenora where we have spent a lot of time.

Here is a painting I did in her style.  I just love it!  There are many different experimental techniques used so  it’s hard to describe them adequately but they sure work.

Rex Beanland, Majestic Shore, watercolour, 10 x 16

Majestic Shore












I’ve also been thinking a lot about the benefits of exploring experimental techniques for all watercolourists.   I’m finding that one of the main benefits is to take these techniques and use them in your own particular style. They will help you paint more expressively.

Here is a plein air painting I did tonight on a beautiful Saturday evening just about half way to Langdon on Glenmore.  It sure captures my impression. There is a very convenient place to pull off right at the water’s edge.  The only problem is that the other side of the pond is very far away.

Rex Beanland, Glenmore Pond, watercolour, 10 x 16, plein air

Glenmore Pond










Rex Beanland, Glenmore Pond Close, watercolour, 8 x 11

Glenmore Pond Close











Speaking of experimental techniques I want to mention my upcoming  Experimental Watercolour Workshop at the Leighton Centre, Oct 14 – 15, 2017.  I’m very biased but I think it’s essential training for any watercolourist.

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