Analagous Colour Scheme Again

West Coast In Red

It has been a fascinating experience to teach this Mastering Colour class.  You never learn anything as well as when you try to teach it and that has been the case here.  By practicing, repeatedly, various colour schemes and trying to boil them down to their essence to teach them to others I’ve learned many valuable lessons myself about painting.  I’ve done variations of this image before but this is the one I did in my studio for one of my video clips.  It is acrylic but was done completely in a watercolour style until the very end when I laid a few hints of white on top of the darks.  It was such an involved process to video tape and edit the painting of this image twice, once in watercolour and once in acrylic that I didn’t get a chance to do the acrylic video but this is the final stage of that image.  Doing variations of this image over and over certainly brings about some fatigue but I noticed that when I am painting on camera I have to make decisions more quickly and more decisively and my painting is benefitting from that.  The video clips are available at this link. If you visit the clips be sure to enter the contest I’m running.

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