And Besides The Gibson’s Workshop . . .

This is the second part of our experience at the Gibson’s workshop.  This one covers everything besides the workshop.  The post about the workshop is available here.

Some Scenes From  Gibson’s Landing

Rex Beanland, Gibson's Landing, BC









Rex Beanland, Gibson's Landing, BC








Rex Beanland, Gibson's Landing, BC










Rex Beanland, Gibson's Landing, BC

Rex Beanland, Gibson's Landing, BC

















A Special Event

While we were in Gibsons they were filming a Hallmark Movie called “Carousel Christmas’.  The movie will be on the Hallmark channel probably by Christmas.

It was amazing as they transformed Gibson’s in the summer into a winter scene.  Here are some shots of the filming. When went down to the dock after the workshop to get these shots the temperature was 34 degrees C.  The extras were dressed in sweaters, coats and scarves.  By the magic of movies when people see the movie in December it will appear to be like winter instead of a sweltering summer day.

Rex Beanland, Gibsons Workshop

Extras in 34 degrees C












They brought in truck loads of chipped ice. Working with this might have been the best job on this day.

Rex Beanland, Gibsons Workshop

Snow Truck










They made the dock look like it was covered in snow but they had to replace it frequently because it was so hot.  You see from this photo that life went on right  around the filming.  People still walked up and down the dock and at various times there were quite a few people hanging over the railing to watch the show.

Rex Beanland, Gibsons Workshop

Extras and snow












Filming a night scene.

Rex Beanland, Gibsons Workshop

Shooting movie at night











We got talking to one of the crew and we hit it off so he took us down the stairs to the set.  We were just a few feet away from the action as the 2 lead actors hit their marks.  We would be just behind the camera that you see at the bottom.  Our new friend  got us through security by saying we were his aunt and uncle.  What an experience!!!

Rex Beanland, Gibsons Workshop

Filming at night










Because of Susan and my work with video for many years we are very interested in the movie making process.  So when we left the shoot the only comment I could make is, “This is unbelieveable!” 

A New Painting Done In Gibson’s

Just to finish this post off.  I also completed one painting just for my own enjoyment, a scene from the harbour.

Rex Beanland, All Quiet In Gibson's Harbour, watercolour, 14 x 18

All Quiet In Gibson’s Harbour












So not only was the workshop an unforgettable experience there were all these other things that were so special.  

I’m using the word a ‘magical‘ to describe our experience in Gibson’s and I think it’s the right word.

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