Art In The Garden Plein Air (Almost)

Last weekend we had a very successful Art In The Garden show in the garden  of Rosemary Bennett. I had planned to do a plein air demo.  On Saturday I tried out some sketch ideas with my little thumbnails.  I eventually settled on the one shown here.  The centre of interest was the black cat hiding behind a statue.  Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that I had it all sketched out I didn’t get time to do it so I did it as soon as I got home.  I wasn’t sure if it worked  until I removed the tape and saw it with a clean white border.  Now it has been elevated to the  maybe category.  In looking at it now I think the cat should be much larger – make the painting about what it’s about! Also the bit of path in the foreground has gone from a dark value to a light one.  Probably it would have been better as a dark value.  It does have a nice ‘what the heck is it’ feel to it though.  It would also have been interesting to do it plein air.

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