Art Instruction Videos

In a little bit of cross referencing I would like to mention that we (myself and my wife, Susan SauvĂ©), in our other life, have a video production company, WhitePine Productions and we are now combining our interest in art with our video pursuits and are producing original art instruction videos. We are the very first company in Western Canada to specialize in this. We presently have 3 DVDs out. You can see a preview of them at WhitePine Videos. We also have 3 more in the can. We are really pleased to mention that we just finished filming one with Eleanor Lowden-Pidgeon. Her bold, colourful compositions are certainly unique. Look for that to be available in the fall. We just put out Brent Laycock’s first instructional video. Brent is one of Canada’s most recognizable and respected landscape painters and we are pleased to be able to offer this DVD. In a little syncronicity we also have Sharon Williams first DVD available. Sharon is the instructor of the art course I am taking. Her well thought-out approach to painting is clearly demonstrated in her DVD. If you would like to push your own artistic development forward why not try one of these DVDs. These workshops on a disc are really convenient for home study as you can stop and start and move to various sections of the painting as desired.

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