Banff Connections

This is my first attempt at using oil paint. Originally this was a watercolour but as often happens it needed some adjustments and I decided to modify it with oil. As much as I love watercolour I appreciate the ability to add lights over the darks with an opaque medium. I’d always been interested in oil but was turned off by odour issues. For this work I used walnut oil and found that there weren’t any odours in my studio. I guess that by eliminating the turpentine or paint thinners it is possible to enjoy a good work environment. I had tried some odourless thinner before but it was far from odourless. Anyway, the way that oil paint can be pushed around was neat and if it is possible to keep fresh air in the studio I’ll certainly try it again.

Banff Connections
Watercolour & Oil
16″ X 20″
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