Basic Drawing Skills – George Clooney

The present session of Basic Drawing Skills just ended.  To see the wonderful results of the students check out the Drawing Blog.  I’ve been asked if I’ll be offering this class again and absolutely I will.  I love this class.  I’ve never seen any art course in which you see this kind of dramatic improvement.  People wonder all the time how is it possible for people to improve this much in such a short time.  Some people say it must be something about me and as much as I enjoy that kind of thinking it’s not really true.  It is in fact the truth that we all have the ability to do this.  We just need to be shown how to get out of our own way and let our natural ability shine through.

Anyway, I will be offering this class again in the fall 2011.  I’m also going to be offering a Basic Drawing Skills Part 2 working with the full figure in the future.  For information about these classes feel free to contact me.

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