Blob People

As an introduction to figures I just blobbed paint on the paper with no drawing and no preconception of figures. Some white spots were left. Then this mass of various colours is refined partially while still wet but primarily when dry. I tried to visualize figures in the colour and sort of teased them out. You get a very spontaneous and effective grouping of figures. I created the dark background just to accentuate the figures. In this painting I added gouache to give more definition to the proceedings. This is a very enjoyable process in part because you need to give up control which is liberating.


2 thoughts on “Blob People

  1. Rex Beanland

    Hi Renee:

    Thanks for the comment. It is definitely a spontaneous process and you're not quite sure what you have until it's done. It would be nice to carry the same feeling into other paintings.

    I'm so pleased that someone commented. Do you have a blog?



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