Cameron Pond Two

This is my second version of a scene from Cameron Lake in Waterton Park.  I really like the sense of light that emanates from the background.  The vertical reflections in the water create a very serene mood.  I used some of the more experimental watercolour techniques that I’ve been playing with lately.  The painting really came to life when I added the very dark trees in the foreground.  I didn’t use black but a very rich mixture of Quin Magenta and thalo turquoise.  I also applied these darks with a palette knife.  Most of the smaller branches were actually painted using an 8″ twig off the tree in our front yard.  I dipped it in paint and then held it right at the end and let it twitch around and it creates a fairly lifelike branch.

Cameron Pond 2
watercolour 9″ X 12″

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