2 thoughts on “Canada House, I’m Coming (Studio Version)

  1. Osvaldin

    I only speak spanish. Perdón por mi idioma. Estoy viendo tu página. Me parece brillante. Yo también admiro a Castagnet and Zbuvick. Ellos salieron de la escuela de acuarela de Australia. Ellos parecen un poco egoístas: no cuentan sus secretos. Venden libros y dvd, pero no incluyen sus secretos. Tu eres uno de los pocos que regalan sus conocimientos. Muchas Gracias. Soy un principiante. Estoy aprendiendo acuarela. En tu cuadro “Canada House, I’m Coming” aplaudo la composición. Pero: Si fuera Castagnet, el edificio tendría luces y sombras.La sombra, mas profunda, mas dark.Utilza un color principal. Un color en segundo plano- El color del edificio debiera verse mas gris (grey)- Las sombras de la calle, debieran tener el mismo color. La sombras de las personas y de los pilares deben llevar el color del piso, ¿Tu aceptas mis sugerencias.? Te envío a ti un abrazo, desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    (Google translation) Sorry for my language. I see your page. I think it’s brilliant. I also admire Castagnet and Zbuvick Castagnet. They left school watercolor of Australia. They seem a little selfish: not telling their secrets. They sell books and DVDs, but do not include their secrets. You are one of the few to give away their knowledge. Thank you very much. I am a beginner. I’m learning watercolor. In your piece “Canada House, I’m Coming” I applaud the composition. But: If Castagnet did it, the building would be mixed. The shade, deeper, more dark. Utilize a main color. Background color-The color of the building should be more gray – The shadows of the street should have the same color. The shadows of people and pillars carry the color of the floor, Do you accept my suggestions.? I am sending you a hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Osvaldin

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I translated it so I understand what you are saying. Very interesting thoughts on what Castagnet would do with it. My wife agrees with you. I still have some work to do on it so I’ll know what it needs better when I go at it again. It’s great to get a comment from Buenos Aires.

      P.S. I just did some more work on it and have reposted the painting. I think it is stronger now. Rex


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