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Canadian Society Of Painters In Watercolour















Saturday, Oct 26 was Canada Watercolour Day which has been initiated by the Canadian Society Of Painters In Watercolour (CSPWC).  CSPWC is Canada’s top watercolour society and one I’m very proud to have been juried into just this year.

Even though the weather in Calgary was lovely we went to Devonian Gardens, Calgary’s only indoor park located in the heart of downtown.  It had been closed for extensive renovations and it was indeed very different.  It’s much brighter, airier, and definitely more integrated into the surrounding office buildings and food court.  As a result it is much more heavily used.  All that is, of course, exactly what the city wants.  Unfortunately, as far as painting I felt it wasn’t quite as enticing as it used to be.  Before there used to be more secluded spots and the Koi fish pond and it was more like it’s own little world.  Now it’s full of open spaces and people.  Anyway here are a few photos of the new look.

Rex Beanland, Devonian Gardens






devonian 1 Rex Beanland, Devonian Gardens Palm trees














I was intrigued by the light on the palm trees so we decided to set up there.

Rex Beanland, Suan Paints

Susan Beanland, Rex paints

















As you can see there were many people passing by but the experience was absolutely wonderful.  I find that right away I just go into the painting zone and I’m largely unaware of what’s going on around me.  All the people who did stop by and speak were really excited to see us painting.

As I mentioned I liked the palm trees but I find that I can’t get too excited by a scene unless there are some people involved so we asked a young girl who stopped to take a look if she would pose.  She was thrilled to be asked and this is my painting.

Rex Beanland, Devonian Gardens, watercolour, 12 x 16










I like the painting even though it got a little overworked.  With plein air painting, however, the result is only one part of the experience.  To be there with life going on all around you and with the sights and sounds and just being zoned into painting is a true pleasure. When we left I think we both felt very pleased and inspired.

Until next year.

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