Channelling Yarnell

I’ve been reading one of Jerry Yarnell’s many books.  He is a TV & DVD teacher who really simplifies acrylic painting to fit into his TV episodes but he has a lot of interesting techniques.  This is a version of one of his images.  It’s done in an opaque style.  Applying the acrylic paint was fairly enjoyable this time and by the second day of working on it I was starting to feel comfortable.  I think of everything I’ve read in the last week the thought that stays with me is not to  think of acrylic as a form of watercolour.  It’s a different medium and requires different thinking.  I realize that when I have tried acrylic in the past I kept looking to match the wonderful blending of colours, wet in wet, that you get with watercolour.  Acrylic isn’t as much fun at least not for me , yet.  Another very interesting thing I’m experiencing is using the same colour theory I’ve worked on in watercolour and transposing it to opaque acrylic.  Colour mixing is a different feel when working with acrylic.

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