Christmas In The Country

This image is a farm we passed just going up to Big White in Kelowna.  I choose a very long and lean format to emphasize the small human habitation up against the very large presence of nature.  This is part of my on going efforts to gain comfort with acrylic and I’m finding that I like using it as watercolour, at least in the early stages of the painting.  In this image I was pleased with the watercolour-y way that parts of the trees came out.  I also enjoy the colour scheme.  This is the first acrylic painting that I have done by just playing around similar to what often happens with watercolour, so I’m very pleased with it because of the process.

Christmas In The Country
16″ X 7″

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2 thoughts on “Christmas In The Country

  1. Rex Beanland

    Thanks Renee. I've been really concentrating on practicing and learning about acrylic lately and this was the first image that came from my own reference material and was me just painting the way I felt. It felt very good.


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