Colouring The Value Study

I’m very pleased with the process involved in this picture.  I took the gray value study from the last post and tried to recreate it using colour.  I feel this was accomplished quite successfully.  The reason I’m pleased with this is that it gives me a more logical way to look at my paintings.  Value was a concept that I struggled with and I have had to work at it and this painting and the process that lead to it is very instructive for me.  I read recently that the 3 most important components in a painting are: 1) value, 2) shape and 3) colour, in that order.  I’m beginning to understand why value is the most important even if it’s the colour that we initially respond to.  We respond emotionally to colour but it’s value that makes the colours work.

Boat Study
watercolour, 14″ x 11″

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