Coming Down From The High Country

I’ve been working on this image for a while.  It came from our trip last Oct to Waterton National Park.  We were advised to ‘be at the flats’ at 6 pm because they thought the elk would be coming down from the mountains to their resting area.  We, along with quite a few others waited and did see some elk.   The painting  began with a really fast, wet  acrylic wash which established all the shapes and values.  All the rest of the time has been working completely opaquely and trying to refine that initial wash.  The only reference was a small colour study in my sketch book so I had to invent the shapes in the mountains.  I’m finding that I enjoy the watercolour approach to acrylic a lot and that I haven’t yet found the same comfort level when working acrylic opaquely.

Coming Down From The High Country
30″ X 12″

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