Coming Down From The High Country (Study)

Another idea from our trip to Waterton National Park. We along with about 10 other cars waited for an hour because we heard that the elk would be crossing this field to their night range.

Watercolour & Casein
12″ X 4″
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2 thoughts on “Coming Down From The High Country (Study)

  1. Anonymous

    This picture really captures the autumn mood. I like the story aspect of the picture. I find myself wondering what the heck these elk are up to. What are they worried about with their ears all perked up, wolves? bears? Soon it will be winter with deep snow and then what. Best to fill their bellies now. I am particularly fond of the leader and his watchfullness over his herd.Nice!

  2. Rex Beanland

    Great comments. Adding the elk added a whole new dimension to the picture. I try to have my paintings tell a story so it's gratifying that you picked up on that.



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