Creating Light Without Masking

As I’ve mentioned I’m working my way through and excellent book by Nita Engle on experimental watercolour techniques.  I love the effects she gets.  My one reservation is her extensive use of masking fluid.  I dislike using it because it ruins brushes, leaves very hard edges and it limits the painting to what was drawn and masked out.  It precludes the ability to go with what’s happening on the paper and restricts you to that original vision.  I guess I’m just not a fan.  Anyway I wanted to see if I could capture a similar sense of light without any masking.  This image is the result.  What I enjoyed about it was pushing that first overall wash as far as I could before I let it dry.  This was basically finished the first time by monitoring the wetness of the paper and adding darker, sharper edged shapes as the paper dried.  I’m not sure about the hard edged lighter reflection in the water.  I really liked it at first but now I’m still deciding.

Forest Lights
4″ X 9″

2 thoughts on “Creating Light Without Masking

  1. Susan

    Since you are undecided I would like to share my take. I think this picutre is excellent. It really caught my attention. I found myself thinking wow that is a very pretty picture. I really like the contrast between the etherial sunset and lost and found forest and the sunset reflection in the water. It provides, necessary or not, a balance, stability or foundation to the picture. You continue to amaze me with what your experimentation reveals. Well done and keep playing. Susan

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Susan:

      What a great comment. Thank you so much. When you create the work you so often don’t see it just the way it is. I still get caught up in what I intended or what I thought I was doing. Great to get an objective opinion.



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