A New Take On Currie Barracks

Rex Beanland, Currie Barracks, watercolour, 30 X 20

Currie Barracks
30 x 20












The majority of this painting was done months ago and it has lanquished in limbo ever since because as much as I liked much about it it just sat there fairly lifeless.  Very recently I decided I had to bring it to some kind of conclusion so I thought a figure would balance the trees and add some interest to it.  I  thought that I wanted the person to be exiting the frame.  I also wanted a nice dance of branches over the doorway.  The use of white gouache just makes those branches jump right out.  Anyway, I’m now very happy with it.  It’s simple but with a nice feel.  It happens to look gorgeous in the frame I have it in.

Now I can also appreciate the strengths that it had right at the beginning.  In particular, I always thought that the brushwork in the reflections of the tree on the wall were very spontaneous.  All the grays for the shadows were created using ultramarine violet and cad yellow light.  Normally, a blue and a yellow will make a green but these particular pigments gave a beautiful gray which works very well against the wall which has a very light wash of yellow over it.

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