Currie Barracks Over The Top

This is version 3 of this particular building at Currie Barracks.  It’s actually the sales office for all the new development of the area.  The development that will probably at some point be the end of all these lovely original buildings.

This painting has some interesting points but I think I may have gone a little too far.  I was interested in trying to make the blue to red large shadow even more dramatic so I began with a full strength wash of ultramarine blue.  I did this on dry paper and I think that was the issue.  When I added the red to the shadow it didn’t blend as much as I hoped.  I think if I had pre-wet it the colours would have blended in a more natural way.

I also think that I might have gone a little heavy in the use of red in the roof.  It’s a little bright for a peripheral area.

Mostly this image is what it is and I think I’ll leave it at that.

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