Demo For FCA ‘All Things Spring Show’

I had the pleasure of doing a demo for the Calgary Chapter of the Federation Of Canadian Artists.  I really enjoy painting in front of people so it was a great day.  The afternoon, when I was painting, went by so quickly.  Win Win.

This first pic is the painting at the end of the show.

Rex Beanland, Painting At End Of Show, watercolour, 12 x 18

Painting At End Of Show











I got to finish it at home right after the show.  It’s fun to be able to get in the studio and just focus on  the painting with no distractions.

Rex Beanland, On The Hill, watercolour, 12 x 18

On The Hill












I like it because it’s pretty much what I was trying to do.  The one thing I would like to have a second chance at, is the shadows across the road.

A number of people I talked to today said that they thought watercolour was really hard to change.  If you look at these 2 detail pix you can see how I was able to make big changes to the picture.

Rex Beanland, On The Hill Detail, watercolour,

On The Hill Detail















In this detail from the painting at the end of the show there are 2 problems.

  1. the car in the back looks like it’s sticking out at a weird angle and

2.   the guy in front is lost, dark against dark.
















In this detail from the final painting you can see how I solved both problems.

  1. I used a toothbrush to lift out the right side of the car and painted it to define the car differently.
  2. I used white gouache mixed with a few watercolour pigments to turn the guy into a light figure.  Because sometimes when I do this the gouache layer gets a little boring  I scratched out with my fingernail a few lines that add some energy to the figure.

If you’ve read this far I would like to thank you and also to mention that I am teaching a
2 Day Urban Landscape Workshop at Swinton’s  May 27 – 28.

I’ve also just contracted to teach an 8 week basic watercolour class at McKenzie Town Council.  It’s Tuesdays, 12 – 3 pm starting April 11.  As a promo for the class I’m doing a free demo in the same building on Saturday March 25, 10 am – noon.  Contact the
co-ordinator for information or to register.

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