Demo For Watercolour Class – Landscape With Bridge

This is the demo I did for Tuesday’s watercolour class.  I didn’t get it all done in class so I finished it when I got home.  I like it better than the one I did for this weeks video.  I think that the darkest trees just above the bridge have some interesting shapes to them and their dark value works well with the  dark values under the arches.  I also like the sky.  In terms of what I would change next time is the colour contrast between the distant mountains on the left side and the sky.  They are both very cobalt blue-ish and I think the mountains should have a different colour.  A more neutralized blue would work.

This painting uses a triadic colour scheme: cobalt blue, yellow ochre and cad red light.  I added a fourth colour thalo blue just so we could start to appreciate some of the special qualities of thalo blue.


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