Donations To Support Good Causes

I recently taught a workshop for the Federation Of Canadian Artists.  It was a fabulous workshop and you can read about it and see some photos from it by clicking here.  I decided to donate the painting to the group.  They use it as a fundraiser for the food bank.  A very worthwhile cause.  This is the finished painting.

Rex Beanland, Checkin' It Out, watercolour ,

Checkin’ It Out












Rex, Tami and the paintingRex Beanland, Rex ExplainsRex Beanland, Rex explains, Tami looksThese 3 photos are from the meeting of the FCA where I donated the painting.








A friend of mine, Vince Fowler, is ex-military and a huge supporter of the veterans food bank.  He hates to see anyone who has fought for his country need to worry about having enough to eat.  He recently had a fundraiser for the Veterans Food Bank and this is the painting I donated for the silent auction.  This was my first attempt at acrylic in probably 3 years.  It’s obviously very different from watercolour but it was still fun to do.

Rex Beanland, Lunch Time In The Oil Patch, acrylic, 16 x 20

Lunch Time In The Oil Patch
acrylic, 16 x 20










It always feels good to give back and I was pleased to be able to so.

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