Dynamic Figures In Colour

This image shows the direction I hope to take my dynamic figure drawing, ie to draw figures to be painted.  I’m combining this with my interpretations of Don Andrews approach to figure work.  He uses colour to paint right over the lines of the drawing and then coming in to tease out the figure as the painting progresses.  Unfortunately, in this case I did the initial wash way too dark and the figure never recovered.  However, it did seem to have a certain feel to it.  So I did what I always do with a watercolour that goes too dark, namely, bring in the gouache to add lights over the darks.  This image is so different for me that I enjoy it even though it is not a successful painting . . . yet.  It does inspire me to do lots more of this type of picture.

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Figures In Colour

  1. Shelley McConnell

    I always really like your paintings that incorporate gouache, Rex (as you might have guessed from the painting I have at my house now … :o) , and I like what it adds to this picture too. Can’t wait to see more from your figure class. I also can’t wait until my little guy gets a bit bigger, so I might have the time to take a class like that too…

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Thanks Shelley:

      I also really like gouache even though it usually means that I’ve lost control of my watercolour and have gone too dark. But, having said that, gouache has it’s own texture which sets it apart from watercolour and it does add something different to the painting.


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