Dynamic Figures

It’s been quite a long process but I’m now getting quite comfortable with drawing figures in dynamic poses.  In this approach we’re concerned with identifying what’s happening to the  the upper chest and the pelvic region and then placing them accurately on the page.  Everything else hinges on these 2 features. A huge benefit of this approach is the speed with which it’s possible to draw figures.  Something like this golf pose would have taken me a long time to work out the proportion and the direction of the parts of the body.  This drawing actually took considerably less time and is I feel much more accurate in terms of capturing motion.

The other image is the soccer star, Ronaldo.  I’m not concerned with the exact details of the face but rather with the balance of the body.  This pose seems quite simple but actually there are a few challenges.  In particular his chest is a little hunched forward which gives it a different perspective to his abs.

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