Echo Bay Rocks

We have a cabin in Echo Bay, Lake of the Woods.  I have spent many happy hours over the years painting that beautiful landscape.  I’ve always loved the huge granite rock faces where they dive into the water.  I’ve done a number of painting of rocks and water there.  I just love this one because it was done in this new experimental style that I’m using.  Actually I’m going to stop calling it experimental because the focus of this approach is nothing more than making use of what the water part of watercolour can do.  That means letting the water (with colour in it) run in various ways across the paper.  It literally paints itself.  It also creates beautiful luminous colours that I could never have mixed.  I’ve been very inspired by the work of Nita Engle with regard to how she applies colour to the paper in this style.

The sky was put in with a variation of her approach that I call the ‘6 stroke method’.  It makes for beautiful blending of colours.  I actually had a huge clump of foliage in the bottom left that reached fight into the rocks but it overpowered the image so I tried to erase it completely.  There are still some remains of that foliage.

This painting was  very technical for me because I had to do each section independently.  There were 2 separate washed just to do the water, 1 for the reflection of the rocks and another for the water further out.  I scratched the paper with an x-acto knife to get the white line behind the duck.

Murray’s Rocks | watercolour | 9 X 12

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