Experimental Watercolour Part 1

Rex Beanland, green blob, watercolour



I will be teaching my Experimental Watercolour workshop next month at Kensington Art Supply & Instruction.

I’m very excited by this workshop because it covers a lot of important watercolour techniques that  are often overlooked.  Most watercolour workshops teach colour – colour theory, colour mixing, colour choices, characteristics of various colours etc.  The aspect that is often left out is the ‘water’ part of watercolour.  This workshop is mostly about water.  Creative ways to use it and  how to allow it to create it’s own spontaneous effects.  As they often say watercolour will do the painting for you if you allow it.  This workshop helps you discover ways to let water  create it’s own special effects.


Rex Beanland, wet trench, watercolour







This short video clip illustrates a few of these techniques.

The workshop is available in 2 formats for your convenience.  Oct 24-25 is a 2 full day workshop.  Also there is the option of 4 Monday evening classes, Nov 2, 9, 16 & 23.

Contact Nancy Lynn Hughes for details or to register.

Contact me for details about the workshop.


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