Experimental Watercolour



Rex Beanland, Cameron Pond, watercolour, 18 x 14














This is another painting in my experimental series.  It involved a lot of throwing paint at the paper, using the spray bottle, pouring paint etc.  I wanted to use any way to get the paint on without using a brush.  I actually have a video that I made a year ago on the process I used to create a very similar painting.  I’ve had a very positive response to the video and the process.  I find that many beginning watercolourists have a lack of confidence in their drawing skills and their ability to use colour creatively.  This type of painting relieves the pressure in both areas. They don’t expect themselves to have any control when they’re throwing paint so they naturally tend to loosen up and just enjoy the process.

Then by the time the traditional painting part begins for the trees, grasses, reflections etc they already have an exciting background to work on.  I’ve often seen students  thrive in the freedom that this kind of painting offers.

This particular image was inspired by a little pond just beside Cameron Lake in Waterton  Park.

2 thoughts on “Experimental Watercolour

  1. Richard

    Hi, Haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve be watching your “tour thru the metro” watercolors :). But, landscapes , like this, make me take a minute and a long look. I love this one. I’ll have to return to your video for a refresher. One thing bugs me on this one….the white splotches in the tree area on the right. They seem out of place and are distracting for me. Happy painting. Richard

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Nice to hear from you again. I added those white blotches just recently to bring some light into the trees. I also felt that they were a bit too strong but it’s not a big thing since they can easily be toned down. Thanks for the comment. Rex


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