First Prize, Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver

Seaside Walk, First Prize


I just received this notice in my inbox today.  I had no idea that it had won but needless to say I was blown away.

16 thoughts on “First Prize, Federation Of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Eva: Thanks for your comment. I was very thrilled especially because that was one of those rare paintings that just seems to happen without me thinking too much. I always classify that as a bit of a spiritual experience. Rex

  1. Joanne E

    Oh Rex, I am so delighted for you ! I knew immediately once I saw your “new” style that you were destined for greatness. Well done ! Keep the pictures coming .


    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Joanne: Thanks for the support. I’m very pleased with everything to do with art at the moment. Each day I’m excited to get into the studio. Rex

  2. Karin Richter

    How wonderful! Congrats Rex, this is your year, you are knocking them dead! Great painting, well deserved!
    Best always

  3. Melanie Fogg

    Wow…. That is fantastic! What a beautiful picture… And in real life it must be amazing.

  4. Margaret McLellan


    Well done Rex. This is a great piece of work. The limited palette, use of wet into wet and bold contrasts. It looks effortless and I’m not surprised it won a prize.
    I wish I had painted it….!

    Stay in the zone
    Love M X


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