I Think We Have A Series Here – Currie Barracks Officer’s Quarters

I’ve really enjoyed working on these paintings from Currie Barracks.  It seems like it’s becoming a bit of a series.

This has always been one of my favourite buildings.  I believe it was originally an officer’s quarters.  Now it is the home of some business.  There are actually 3 of these officer’s quarters.

Again I like the shadow and the colours in the shadow.  Unfortunately, I felt I had to go over it twice.  The first time it just seemed too light.  I prefer this value but with watercolour you lose something important when ever you re-do a wash.  The hallmark freshness and spontaneity of watercolour requires we get the right value in the first wash.

Another challenge was to get the right composition.  This one is OK but there is an issue with the tree on the left.  I think it would be a stronger composition if it was cropped closer to the centre of the tree.  Seeing little bits of background through the branches on the left edge don’t add anything and in fact probably detract from the composition.

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