Introduction To Abstraction

This week we began looking at abstraction. This was done by creating a composition of objects that have some significance for my wife Susan, over which I layed a grid (the letters ‘Susan’). Then in painting it, basically, whenever I came to a new line or shape I painted it using none realistic colours. Also the paper was prepared by creating a random background wash which was allowed to dry before beginning. It was interesting in this painting because I wasn’t sure how to create the original composition of objects that meant something to Susan. There was a random shape that seemed to mirror the head of the large central figurine so I began by drawing it to fit with that background shape. This became the figurine’s head. I really enjoyed doing this and I certainly like the results. I’m not sure if it’s finished but if I continue I will probably use gouache or acrylic so that I can add lights over the darker colours.

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