Lake Reflections

This image is pure practice of some new ways to approach watercolour.  It was done in stages with drying time between them.  It also involved using mask which I have talked about in a number of previous posts.  It think I went a little far in amount and value of the colours I used to describe the main mass of the land in the mid ground. I’m not sure about the use of thalo turquoise in the water but I love the smoothness and reflections in the water.  I used my trusty toothbrush to lift out that bright area in the mid ground trees just near the centre.  That gave a new sense of light to the trees which helped the composition tremendously.  I also like the second strip of land and the faint cerulean hill between this and the sky.  This subject matter is something I’m very familiar with from our cabin on Lake Of The Woods.  Again this summer I will be spending 3 weeks down there and I look forward to interpreting this ubiquitous landscape with new eyes.

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