Landscape Workshop At The Leighton Centre

It was a real treat last weekend to teach a workshop at the Leighton Centre.  First of all the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny but with the clear smell of autumn from the fallen leaves and grasses.  Secondly it was a chance I don’t often have to teach landscape painting.  I really do enjoy landscape painting it’s just that my urban landscape work has eclipsed it over the past number of years.

Anyway, it was a great workshop and once again I am so impressed what beginners (as many of them were) are able to produce if when given the tools.

The Demos

The first demo is a really neat painting.  It uses a very direct painting approach.  Get the shape, colour and value and paint it in directly.

Again I’m posting it as it was at the end of the workshop and the finished version.  I’m very happy with this one.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Demo at end of workshop









A few finishing touches and some figures give it an interesting story.

Rex Beanland, Country View, watercolour, 15 x 20

Country View











This painting has some significant colour notes and here are some in-progress photos.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Barn in process 1









Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Barn in process 2









Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Barn in process









I just received this finished version of the barn from one of the participants.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Lucie’s Barn


The Second Demo

This demo is more  my normal process with an underpainting that covers the entire paper and then adding the mid and dark values.  It’s a process that actually makes the painting go surprisingly quickly.

Here are the 2 versions.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Demo at the end of the workshop









Again some darks and shadows and the addition of a very important element – the overhanging tree which adds another dimension.

Rex Beanland, Foothills & Buffalo, watercolour, 15 x 20

Foothills & Buffalo











I just received one of the participant’s finished version of the foothills.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Landscape Workshop, 2018

Janice’s Foothills










It was a lovely weekend with a great bunch of painters!  Thanks to everyone.

Rex Beanland, Leighton Workshop 2018

Class Photo













A Little Extra

I far prefer the foothills to the mountains so  I continue to explore different ways to paint them.  I took a photo on the way out to the workshop to illustrate a little of the patterns that occur in the foothills.  In the early morning light in late October everything had an orange/brown tint.  This is my first run at capturing that look.  I used the same technique as the demo done in the workshop.  I think this is a direction well worth pursuing.

Rex Beanland, Another View Of The Foothills, watercolour, 9 x 12

Another View Of The Foothills

2 thoughts on “Landscape Workshop At The Leighton Centre

  1. Dianne Kubik

    Thanks for the email Rex. I love your October rendition of the foothills.
    I so enjoyed the workshop. I plan to take another in the Spring. Keep me posted.
    Dianne Kubik

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Dianne. I also enjoyed the workshop. You are such a positive and enthusiastic student. My newsletter will keep you informed of workshops etc. I look forward to seeing you again.


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