Leicester Square, Studio Version

Rex Beanland, Leicester Square, watercolour, 18 X 24









This is the studio version of a painting I did a few days ago.  I think it has a much more interesting value pattern from the lighter, distant buildings to the darker foreground buildings and the people.  The perspective is also straightened out a bit.

Leicester Square
18 X 24

2 thoughts on “Leicester Square, Studio Version

  1. shelley

    Really neat to see the evolution of this piece, Rex. I like everything about this, especially the interesting colour/rythmic pattern of the people in front and the treatment of the buildings in the background – can still see subtle detail but the value difference between forground and background adds great depth to the work. I also like how the birds, the vertical orientation and the arrow-like flags seem to implore the viewer to look up out of the urban into the airy sky. The people in the narrative seem to be unaware of this, but you as the narrator seem to be asking them to look up. Interestingly, the lighter touch on the buildings in the background help link them upward to the sky too.

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Shelley: That’s very informed viewing of this painting. I’m so pleased that some of the things I was trying to accomplish worked. That value difference from background to foreground was my intention and it does really give depth to the painting. I hadn’t thought about the upward sweep of the flags, birds etc. I guess that’s why when we paint we have a plan and consciously do what we can but it’s the ‘magic of the moment’ that lifts works into a higher plain. Rex


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