‘Let It Flow’ Workshop

I just spent a fabulous weekend teaching a workshop for the Calgary Chapter of the Federation Of Canadian Artists.  I’ve always appreciated the many members of the FCA who are striving to grow as an artist.  It made the workshop a joy to teach.


We did a couple of neat  watercolour practice paintings.  They both explored value and ‘the wash’ . This is a collection of the works produced. Rex Beanland, Student Examples Chinese Watercolour












The second practice is mostly about creating a really dark value and lots of it.  The one huge benefit of this exercise is that it catapults you right out of  your the comfort zone in terms of creating bold  values

Rex Beanland, Student Examples Dark Buildings.











One of my demos was how to create a crowd scene.  I  liked the painting when I did it  and when I got home I worked on it a little  and I like even more.

Rex Beanland, Three & A Crowd, watercolour, 5 x 8

Three & A Crowd












The demo I did was based on this photo which  I’ve had for over a year and it had never caught my attention.
For some reason when I was planning for this workshop I looked at it again and saw something very different.  It’s a view from downtown Calgary.



Rex Beanland, Checkin' It Out, watercolour, 15 x 20










This is the painting I did as  the main demo.  This was the second workshop in a row in which I’ve done a painting that I’ve never done before so it made the process of doing it more exciting.  I got about 70% of it done in the workshop and finished it off in the studio.

Rex Beanland, Checkin' It Out, watercolour ,

Checkin’ It Out

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