Linda’s House

This is the image I did at this Friday’s impromptu watercolour class.  It was a very interesting process because it was someone else’s project so I did no practicing except to do some thumbnails.  So when  it came time to do it I had no real plan or idea how to proceed so once again I did what I did on my recent plein air painting experience in Canmore, namely, I just covered the entire page with tinted water to reveal the whites.  Then once I did that I had to make a next stroke and on and on.  By the end of the process I was very happy with it.  It reminds me of something  that one of my favourite instructors, Brian Atyeo, used to say.  That every painting is a puzzle that we have to solve and as an artist we need the confidence to believe that we can solve it.  I like that and I find that usually I can make something of my paintings no matter how wonky they may seem at some point in the painting process.  Very liberating.  Just keep putting one foot in front of another.

2 thoughts on “Linda’s House

  1. Shelley

    very very neat play of light and shadow in this one. Love that magic light time of day that this painting seems to have captured so well.

    Love all the recent paintings, Rex (especially the recent “Sibbald” painting. This one seems like a really interesting mix of the best of both your earlier paintings and some of the new techniques. So very interesting to watch the evolution and play…

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Thanks Shelley: Linda’s house was a different situation. One of my students was asked to do a painting of a friend’s house so I was showing one approach. Because it was ultimately a painting for another person I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach it. I didn’t feel a experimental approach would be the best. But for all that I was very pleased with it. Thanks for noticing my recent paintings. I’ve just entered a new zone and it’s a wonderful journey.



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