Make It About What It’s About

An idea I heard at the Stephen Quiller workshop I took 2 summers ago was, ‘make the painting about what it’s about’.  To me, this meant, identify the main idea of the painting and emphasize that.  A few days ago I posted an image, Cascade.  When I lived with that image I came to realize that the main idea was the interplay of the colourful tree and the more muted background.  A lot of the original image, particularly the left side of the painting wasn’t really adding anything to the painting.  This cropped version of that image is, I feel, much stronger.

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4 thoughts on “Make It About What It’s About

  1. Rex Beanland

    Thanks for the comment. I think it's a much stronger composition like this. I have to credit my wife with guiding me to see it this way.



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