Maple Leaves

I have done many versions of this image.  The first one was when I was completely inspired by the photo I saw of a group of colourful maple leaves.  That painting captured my emotional reaction and was done in an intuitive manner.  (This image is available in an earlier post)  Then I decided that I wanted to teach this subject so I began practicing it and each time it got a little less interesting.  I was strongly reminded of the advice I got from Stephen Quiller when I attended his workshop, in his studio, 2 summers ago.  He was speaking about the phenomenon that many artists experience when we do a little study that just has some magic and we want to reproduce it in a larger format.  Often these larger versions lack the magic.  He said the reason is that when we do the larger version we are still involved in the small study, in a sense trying to copy it, and we are not listening to the painting we are actually working on.  I completely agree with this and notice it often, for example with this image of the maple leaves.  I kept looking at and trying to copy what happened in the original study and it never worked.  I did about 6 versions and this one is the only one that worked and the more I look at it the more I enjoy it.  Interestingly, at first I didn’t think much of it and I believe that’s because it still wasn’t that original image.  But over a few days of looking I started to see what was there instead of wasn’t there and was very happy with it.  The lesson I had  from this whole process is to be fully engaged and ‘listen’ to the work in front of you.

Maple Leaves
9″ X 12″

$105 (matted including S & H)

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